Writing as Worship: Writing Prayers

Every Saturday I’m writing about some ways to incorporate more writing into your worship times. Last week I wrote about my process for writing spoken word.

This week, I want to talk about writing down your prayers. Here are three reasons I love putting my prayers on paper.

1. It keeps me focused. Sometimes my mind feels so crazy and scattered that I don’t even know what to pray. The act of writing keeps me focused on the prayer, and helps me sort out what I need to pray about.

2. It helps me process. Sometimes, I will start a prayer feeling or thinking one thing, and by the time I finish writing, I’m feeling or thinking differently. Sometimes my written prayers are filled with “aha” moments. Sometimes I simply feel better just putting it all on paper. I know God is meeting with me in my times of prayer.

3. It reminds me of God’s faithfulness. I love being able to go back and look through my written prayers, and see how God has answered them. He always does! He’s amazing! It’s helpful to see when I’ve gone through similar situations and remember that He answered my prayer that time, and will faithfully provide again and again.

I hope you take the time to write out some prayers this week. Don’t forget to write down how our faithful Father God answers them as well!

One Thought on “Writing as Worship: Writing Prayers

  1. So true! One of my favorite things!

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