Spoken Word: Dwell


Dwell in my mind.

Take up every corner.

Don’t be like a seasonal border

But fill me up with your stuff like we’re on an episode of Hoarders.

Move in and clean out the mess

the stress

the distress.

Make me to be at my best,

which only happens when You’re here.

You being near

is not near enough.

I need You to live in my heart

with an office in my mind.

And I’ll find


commuting through my veins

touching my skin

without and within,

because that’s where You are.


All the time.

But my mind,

sometimes my mind needs it the most.

So come on Holy Ghost!

Renew it Life Bringer!

Truth Slinger!

Love Song Singer!

Most High God.

I was not created for chaos.

Or doubt.

Or second guessing.

Or worry.

I was created to be


So peace giver Father,

I’m taking my place as Your daughter,

walking away from the slaughter

that threatens to spread through my mind.

I find

hope in You, Lord.

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