Spoken Word: The Path

For those of us who don’t quite know where we’re supposed to be at any given moment in life.

Listen here: the path

I don’t know the words of the song,

and yet I know it by heart.

I can’t see the path ahead,

like I’m walking in the dark.

Wanting the sunrise

or new eyes

or clear skies

or some sort of light

to make sure I’m in the right


And just in case

a compass and map

and a good pair of shoes

and tomorrow’s news

and whatever it might take

to reassure me I won’t break.

Forget that You say it.

And replay it.

I keep asking for more

of everything but You.

Keep asking for answers

and direction

and clarity

when You’re just asking me to be

focused on You.

See if I had a map,

my eyes might be focused on that

glued to the page

just walking towards old age

thinking about what’s coming next.

That’s not rest.

If I had a compass

I might only walk north,

even if You want me to change direction.

Thinking I’m heading towards perfection

when I’m only walking my own way


from You.

And see I don’t even need comfy shoes

because You’ve got them covered in Your Gospel.

Peace is in this year anyway.

This darkness of unknowing

is as light to You.

And You shine in it

brighter than a thousand sunrises.

Don’t need to worry about surprises.

You’ve covered the potholes.

See my God knows this road.

He’s the one who built it.

And God You don’t ask me to follow the signs

or a marked out road.

I’m only told

to follow You.

Your unchanging

always faithful

ever-present self.

You are the only thing I need to see.

Not road signs or a marker

even when the travel couldn’t be darker

You are light.


in front of me.

So even if the only thing I see

is Your face

I’m in the right place.


Because I’m not asked to follow a path.

I’m told to follow You.

And You’re already here.

2 Thoughts on “Spoken Word: The Path

  1. Cassie on August 21, 2013 at 9:45 pm said:

    Man I needed to read this. Thank you for allowing the Spirit to speak through you Jen Jen

  2. Alison Gray on August 28, 2013 at 9:09 pm said:

    This seriously just brought me to tears. Love this SO so so so much. You rock. Keep writing.

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